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    • 2015.07.19 Sunday
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    The bus driver to help passengers coin two years without cha


      cheap national team soccer jerseys bus with no change in

      met him, you would not have to worry about

      two years ago, he paid for the Passenger Fare 500 yuan

      bus with no change in

      met him, you would not have to worry about

      bus coin, who knows the truth. But on the car when it cheapjerseys.us was found no change of embarrassment, and fellow just got into the city do not know the bus doesn't change...... What am I gonna do? If these occur in captain Zheng Jingjun driving the 906 bus routes, will not be a problem.

      Shi Chuang of reporter of Zhengzhou evening paper the Zhengzhou evening news trainee reporter Lu Hui / text

      Zhengzhou evening news reporter Zhou Yong /

      commander to help passengers coin, passenger accident more than have praise


      driver, I walked too quickly, have no change with me......" One of the passengers on the bus 906 from cheap club soccer jerseys the ground, toss about found no change, he quietly asked the commander embarrassment.

      "don't worry, I can help you with, coin!" I saw the car out of 1 yuan from the outermost his satchel a wad of bills, directly into the coin box side, passengers first froze a moment, and then walked back to her.

      this is yesterday morning in 906 bus on the warm scene. "I never saw the commander to help passengers coin." Passenger accident over, murmured approvingly.


      commander named Zheng Jingjun, Puyang County West Rural West Village, 35 years old this year, from 2011 to date, has opened in Zhengzhou the bus for more than 3 years.

      every day with fifty or sixty yuan to help passengers coin

      "I ran the line is long, stretching from Beijiao to the southern suburbs, the new passenger station." Zheng Jingjun said, because a long line of passenger car, small accident frequent passengers did not change.

      "in some places, especially in the countryside, ride have artificial ticketing, many villagers to do not know to change the car." Zheng Jingjun had an idea, they bring some change, have no small change passengers help on a busy. At the beginning of 2013 3, Zheng Jingjun began to put his ideas into action.

      "A lot of

      from the passenger station are strangers, they didn't change, I can help them pay, let them feel the warmth cheap football ncaa jerseys of Zhengzhou." Zheng Jingjun took fifty or sixty yuan change, the average monthly to help passengers coin 15 yuan to 20 yuan, the stick is more than two years, he totaled 500 yuan fare paying passengers.

      someone asked him: "people don't change, you don't receive it, why go to help him pay?" "Private and clear, the coin is the public things, helping people is my own thing." Zheng Jingjun replied with a smile.

      provide clues to Mr. Wang (fee 50 cheap jerseys us yuan)


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