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    • 2015.07.19 Sunday
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    Korea volunteers provide comfort for the missing passengers


      "years" ruthless, US -- South Korea volunteers provide comfort service

      for missing the families of the passengers

      xinhuanet.com Korea Jindo on 21 April, carrying 476 people, South Korea "years" passenger ship sinking, from the government, enterprises and the society volunteers, from South Korea all around to the South Jeolla province Jindo County, with material and spiritual support to the families of missing persons. "Don't give up hope, we believe in miracles", cheapjerseys.us this reporter heard a sentence in the interview.

      entered the Jindo County Stadium, the families of missing persons in temporary floor, or face mask, or dull eyes staring at one place, vacantly. In the green volunteer volunteer, quietly walked to their families, squatting cheap jerseys us down to their blood pressure measured, infusion medicine feeding. From time to time, emotions out of the family, a sudden wail, break the fragile silence.


      big, all the volunteers for the family members from clothes and, to the medical communication support. All people are quietly silently, orderly. Journalists shooting far cheap football ncaa jerseys in the two layer, dare not rashly dialogue and family close to or, for fear of disturbing to the suffering families.

      "their cheap national team soccer jerseys mood, who can really feel the same?" Come from andesitic volunteers Jin Yanxue the day came on the Jindo, he tells the story of a few days to family members feel landing to the reporter.

      "after a few days, the volunteers silently action, sweeping for families of rice water, ground floor shops, many families began to open your heart. They heard the news from the initial feelings of extreme excitement, anger, now slowly come to accept the reality, finds that there are so many people and they together, "Jin Yan doctrine.

      from Peng wood Kong and Jindo County Stadium bus 20 minutes interval. In the interval on the bus, with a 40 years old of middle-aged man active and reporters.

      "you volunteer?" "No, I is the golden smile dad, I just lost my daughter." The gold dad filed a baby daughter, choking voice. "My daughter and my last call said, father, the boat to turn over."

      according to participate in the rescue divers, underwater visibility, rescue progress is still slow. But the long wait, the family members are not alone.

      Korea National Florida hospital set up medical support center, psychological experts and doctors of the family members of psychological counseling, until the search and rescue work is all over. President Zheng Xiaocheng said, "but the family does not care about their emotional state, they are more concerned with their loved ones can come back."


      of the University of Seoul mental health she Stone said, they were "always on, methods for the talk", 24 hours waiting in the support center. "Psychological treatment is a long-term process of marathon. In this process, we will to accept their anger and sadness, and together they bear the pain of cheap club soccer jerseys lost loved ones".

      (original title: remember Korea volunteers provide comfort for the missing passengers family)


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